This is a free API. Postcodes.io is aimed at developers who want a resource to lookup and (reverse) geocode UK Postcodes.

Community API Libraries


postcodes_io by Deepak Sunanda Prabhakar


postcodes-io-bundle by the people at Box UK. Read the blog post
(adityamenon) postcodes-io laravel package by Aditya Menon
PHP Class for Postcodes.io by Ryan
(jabranr) postcodes-io by Jabran Rafique


postcodes_io by James Ruston uk_postcodes_io by Rob Nichols (M&S Venture Labs)


postcodesio-client-node by @billinghamj


PythonPostcodesWrapper by Gokhan Karadas


MarkEmbling.PostcodesIO by Mark Embling


PostcodesioR by Eryk Walczak. Read the blog post


HackPostcodes by Matt Barber

Wolfram Language

postcode by Arnoud Buzing

Google Sheets Addon

UK Postcode Geocoder by Ed Patrick

Noticeboard for 2018

Any updates or disruptions will be listed below.

  • 14-18 June Following the switch to the new ONSPD CSV schema, longitude and latitude for entities with no geolocation were returned as 0 and 99.9999... instead of null and null. Old behaviour has been restored as at 19th June (version 9.0.1)


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  ONS Postcode Directory OS Open Names
Release Date May 2018 April 2018
Data Points 1,763,093 (+0.11%) 42,206 (-4)

Beyond the dates listed above, please be aware that the real world dataset may change. Existing postcodes and places may be amended or discontinued. This information will not be captured until the next available update.


Postcodes.io is available under the MIT Licence

Great Britain postcode data may be used under the terms of the OS OpenData licence

Northern Ireland postcode data (i.e. beginning "BT") may be used under the terms of the ONSPD licence. Non-commercial use is free. Commercial use requires a licence from NI Land & Property Services

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2018

Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2018

Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2018